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Umbrellas are Overrated


The rain mercilessly pelted the awning above her with a deafening relentlessness. Feeling like a bird trapped in a rectangular cage of tenuous comfort, she turned around to re-enter the café from which she had just left. Almost crashing into him, she found herself face to face with the man that…

he’s going to fuck you up and you’re going to let him
— most sober thing a drunk person could ever say to you (via n-nni)

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I think anybody who falls in love is a freak. It’s a crazy thing to do. It’s kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.
— Amy Adams in Her(2013)

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An Explanation of Depression.


I want you to go outside and take your surroundings in. Take in the way the wind knots itself through your hair, the way the clouds play tag as the sky blinks cerulean above them. Hear your heart beat to you, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.” The world is not your oyster, but rather your pearl, a…

Men Get Raped Too


This is for the other side.

In my creative writing class in early autumn Maria raises her hand to ask

if she can go to the bathroom and Daryl requests to go immediately after.

From the back of the room, sunlight filtering through the windows,

a whisper resounds: Don’t let him; he’ll…

I have to keep reminding myself
That no matter how little I may feel
Nothing is a failure
If I learn from it
I have to keep reminding myself
That it’s okay to
Have been so sad that I didn’t go to class
It’s okay if I slipped up and called somebody
Whose number I meant to erase
It’s okay if I spend a few days in bed
So long as I get up again
I have to remind myself that
I wasn’t made to be perfect
I was made to grow
And nothing is a mistake if
I am better because of it
I Have To Remind Myself | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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Hello everyone! I have just reached my 10,000 follower and in honour of that pretty amazing and unlikely event, I’m doing my first ever giveaway! I’m really excited about this because even though it’s pretty small I think it’s super cute and is just a gesture of how much I appreciate and love y’all.

So what you’ll receive is:

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  • (I’ll probably add to this list as I find and look for more things.) 

To enter: 

  • Reblog this post as many times as you like, I’ll pick a URL through a random number generator on the 30th of March
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Thank you and good luck!

Azra x 

You probably love someone so hard right now that the ground shakes under your feet because it can tell by the way your shadow sways like it’s drunk that you’re very much in love. Even your cells started sending love letters through every neuron and synapse to each individual part of your body; the tips of your fingers have X’s and O’s written on them in invisible ink. You are so in love it hurts.
The only problem is that the recipient of these feelings, these unending physical aches, is either taken or unreceptive. They go to the cleaners to get suits ironed for the women they will come home to that are not you; they eat spaghetti and meatballs in dim restaurants with low-quality wine while secretly holding hands with someone who is also coincidentally not you.
You have to start learning how to enter a room without worrying, or maybe hoping, that they will be in it. You have to get away from their invisible presence, the way their atoms cling to your sweater sleeves and make you feel dizzy. It is said there are five stages of grief, but no one ever talks about the different kinds of grief you’ll have to go through to let go of someone whom you love dearly but will never be yours. You’ll have to go through all the possible combinations and versions, maybe some of them infinite, in order to move on.
There’s the My memory has a checkout line that always wants to keep you on the conveyer belt kind of grief, the I’d rather die than not see you anymore kind, the Why are you with her when you could be with me kind of grief. Your heart will feel like it’s been through a cheese grater and then doused in salt and vinegar simultaneously. You will feel like hell, or maybe even start to think you’ve actually arrived there several decades early.
But a haircut is just a haircut. It was not for the purpose of impressing you; in truth, this person probably notices you on average only 1/5 the number of times you notice them on a daily basis. So you need to start taking the other route to the bus stop or the office or even the deli, the route that does not involve catching a glimpse of them through the window or sitting in their cubicle. You need to stop ordering vanilla lattes at Starbucks exactly when you know they’ll be working behind the counter.
Forget their handwriting. Stop memorizing the way they dot their i’s or how their h’s always look too much like n’s. Focus on the ugly things instead- the bad morning breath, their refusal to apologize for hurtful utterances or lost arguments, maybe even how they always forget to throw away the used coffee filters. Try to remember that they are not perfect. They, too, have belly fat and creaky knees that may need surgery a few years early.
The moon was once jealous of the sun for loving the earth so stubbornly, but then the night sky came and devoured it whole. If you don’t stop this now, you too will be eaten alive by unreciprocated feelings. It is not selfish nor is it wrong to get some “me time,” to lock yourself in your room and turn on music without lyrics that will help de-clutter your mind. Breathe deeply. Letting go does not come at once or after a walk around the block; it normally comes after a cross-country trek or roadtrip around the world. Allow yourself the luxury of taking it slow.
Step by step, erase them from your memory. Throw away the eighth-grade concert ticket they gave you on a whim, the rainbow paperclips from your first school project together. Don’t touch the doorknobs they turned anymore or re-trace their steps in the hallway on the way to French class. Go your own way. Allow yourself the kinds of nights where all you feel like doing is eating an entire tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream alone in your dorm room, or watching reruns of Friends in your footie pajamas.
Forgiveness is hard. Forgetting is even worse.
There will always be people in your life who will take your heart when you hand it to them and will squash it in their fists until it turns into a bloody pulp. There will always be someone who will never notice you no matter how painfully visible you make yourself. That’s the sad truth.
But the other universal truth is that there will always be the one person who takes your heart in their hands when you offer it like a gift and will treat it as if it’s made of glass, who will not drop it no matter how heavy it gets.
This is the person worth waiting for. So forget about anyone else, and wait for them instead.
I love you. That’s it. I just love you. But then I know that that’s not enough for you. It was silly of me to think that it was. And it breaks my heart even more.
— J.P.P (via manipulators)

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I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life.
— Voltaire (via tris-tesse)

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Sometimes I feel like there’s a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean. The moon tonight, there’s a circle around it. Sign of trouble not far behind. I have this dream of being whole. Of not going to sleep each night, wanting. But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing… I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for. I just want someone to love me. I want to be seen. I don’t know.
— Practical Magic (1998)

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I fall in love with you
in different ways 
every time I look
into your eyes. 
You have happily 
kept me on my feet.

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“I promise to love you:
at 6 am when you’re waking
to go to work, to school, or whatever
road life takes you on;
and when you didn’t sleep well,
your hair is a mess
and your eyes are sleepy.

at 8 am when we say goodbye
for the day and you’re rushing
out the door with a cup
of black coffee, after finishing
a morning cigarette
when your lips taste like
caffeine and nicotine.

at 3 pm when you’re exhausted
from the day and people have
worn you out and you feel like
sighing, crying, and falling asleep
and escaping in afternoon dreams.
I will kiss your forehead,
and wrap myself in your arms.

at 10 pm when you’re heading to bed,
even though you won’t sleep for hours
and you’ll flip through all the channels
tired of dismal newscasts and re-runs.

at 3 am when loneliness and sadness
do not destroy you, but consume you
and when you weep without an explanation
I’ll kiss your lips, softly and
tell you you’re the absolute best.
When we talk about life
and why winter kills the flowers.

I will love you when you grow old,
I will love you even after that
I will love you if I’m no longer here
I will love you
I will love you
and I will love you.


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